When your appliances are running smoothly and you haven’t noticed any major issues for a long time, you can easily forget to prepare for a day when they break down and stop working. So when one of your major appliances such as your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, or an oven breaks down, you may not know exactly what steps to take to resolve the problem. You have to carefully consider your options for appliance repair atlanta, taking into account the cost and time it takes to fix an appliance problem or ordering for a new one to replace it.

home appliancesWhen your appliance breaks down and you want to call an appliance repair technician in Fulton County, Georgia, to come and fix it, be prepared to pay the service call fee or the actual appliance repair cost that includes the cost of labor and parts. If you are considering taking the route of buying a brand new appliance, there is a price for it and appliances nowadays don’t come cheap if they have to meet decent and acceptable quality standards. If you want to buy an appliance that can actually last long, then it will be expensive but it’s worth it. There are also cheap appliances that won’t last long and will be expensive for you in the long run.

But before you call an appliance repair technician in Atlanta, Georgia, to come and fix your appliance, you actually need to determine if that’s the right decision. If your appliance has already broken down several times, you don’t want to keep paying for repairs because the costs will add up quickly. You also need to consider the lifespan of the appliance because if it is too old it will be very expensive to pay for repairs. An old appliance may have too many issues causing its malfunction and probably expensive parts to replace. For example, a very old refrigerator may require replacing an expensive part like the compressor. Parts that are required when fixing old appliances are usually not easily available in the market and that adds to the costs. Sometimes they are simply not available especially if the manufacturer already discontinued the particular model of appliance that you have broken.

So when should you consider having your appliance repaired? Calling a local appliance repair technician to come and check your appliance is a good option before you make your decision to repair or replace a broken appliance. When the technician diagnoses the appliance problem and tells you how much it will cost you to have it fixed, at that point you still have the option not to approve the repair if the cost is too high. Even the professional appliance repairman will advise you when it’s worth fixing your appliance or buying a new one to replace it. If after diagnosing the appliance the technician is not actually going to repair your appliance, what you are going to pay is only the service call fee. A service call fee is usually not as much as the cost of doing the actual repair that includes labor and cost of the parts used when fixing the appliance. If the quoted cost of fixing your broken appliance is not higher than 50% the cost of buying a new appliance, you can go for the repair. Similarly, if the age of your appliance is less than half the expected lifespan you can also go for the repair. But if the appliance repair cost is 50% higher than the cost of a brand new appliance and the appliance is beyond 50% it’s expected lifespan, it is not worth paying for the repairs, so you can just opt to buy a new appliance for replacement.

With the knowledge of the different types of household appliances and their expected lifespan, the cost of repairs versus buying new appliances, as a homeowner it should be easier for you to decide which way to go. If you have to buy new appliances, always make sure to seek the advice of a professional appliance repair technician to know what brands of appliances are best to consider, so that you can end up with appliances that will not stress you with frequent malfunctions or costly repairs down the line.